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Bad Piggies v1.3.1 by mrdivdiz
Last Release: Jul 21, 2021
Downloads: 238

Hello everyone, recently I have found source code of Bad Piggies game, so I decided to port it on vita.The problem is that there is only source of 2.3.6 version of this game made on newer version of Unity than i had to use for vita. So I had to backport everything, and for now its running not so good, but I will improve everything later. Known problems:

Field of Dreams unknown crash when picking starboxes
Cake Race must be ripped
Perfomance not optimal For those who want to support me making unity game ports (and own pojects, of course):
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Bad Piggies v1.3.1 07/21/21 9 Download QR
- Fixed engine sound
- Fixed starbox sound
- Fixed finish sound
- Minor perfomance improvements
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
BPV1.3.vpk v1.3 07/21/21 22 Download QR
BPV1.2.vpk v1.2 06/29/21 47 Download QR
Bad Piggies v1.1 04/14/21 33 Download QR
BPV1.1.vpk v1.1 04/14/21 95 Download QR
BPV1.0.vpk v1.0 02/05/21 32 Download QR