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VanillaTD v0-vita.4 by Northfear
Last Release: Jun 26, 2021
Downloads: 226

Vanilla Conquer is a fully portable version of the first-generation C&C engine and can run both Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert on multiple platforms.
This is the Tiberian Dawn executable (formerly VanillaTD).
The focus of Vanilla Conquer is to keep the default out-of-box experience faithful to what the games were back when they were released and work as a drop-in replacement for the original executables while also providing bug fixes, compatibility and quality of life improvements.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vanillara.vpk v0-vita.4 06/26/21 31 Download QR
vanillatd.vpk v0-vita.4 06/26/21 30 Download QR
- Change key combination for switching between cursor movement / map scrolling mode to R1 + L1 + START
- Increased available memory
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VanillaTD v1.0 04/16/21 26 Download QR
vanillara.vpk v0-vita.2 04/14/21 39 Download QR
vanillatd.vpk v0-vita.2 04/14/21 27 Download QR
vanillara.vpk v0-vita.1 04/13/21 25 Download QR
vanillatd.vpk v0-vita.1 04/13/21 48 Download QR