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VitaDeploy v1.2 by SKGleba
Last Release: Jan 8, 2023
Downloads: 3794

Toolbox that makes homebrewing the Playstation Vita/TV easier
file manager (VitaShell)
sd2vita mount/format
firmware updater/downgrader
3.65 preset "Quick Install"
optional enso install
optional taihen setup
app downloader (for core hb apps)
internal memory creation tool (imcunlock)
storage format utility
AutoAVLS enable/disable
kiosk and manufacturing mode disable
can run entirely on vs0
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitaDeploy v1.2 01/08/23 536 Download QR
VitaDeploy-mshell v1.2 01/08/23 109 Download QR
for firmware 3.60-3.74
"Format target storage" now supports firmware 3.74
Added an option to reset the battery controller like batteryFixer does, can be found under "Miscellaneous"
The livearea widget now points to the new henlo_jb url ( )
Pick your version
VitaDeploy.vpk - default homebrew package to install via VitaShell
VitaDeploy-mshell.vpk - comes with molecularShell instead of VitaShell
Vita hacking from scratch with VitaDeploy
"Format target storage"/"Clean the update partition" does not work on 3.74
With the release of henlo, finalhe packages ( ) are no longer distributed
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitaDeploy v1.1.1 01/05/23 77 Download QR
VitaDeploy-mshell v1.1.1 01/05/23 40 Download QR
VitaDeploy v1.1 12/30/22 248 Download QR
VitaDeploy-mshell v1.1 12/30/22 64 Download QR
VitaDeploy v1.0 03/27/21 2119 Download QR
VitaDeploy mshell v1.0 03/27/21 598 Download QR