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fake-08 v0.0.2.13 by jtothebell
Last Release: Sep 6, 2021
Downloads: 1476

A Pico 8 player for homebrew consoles. Not related to or supported by Lexaloffle Software. Latest release includes releases for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, Sony PS Vita, and Nintendo Wii U.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
fake-08 v0.0.2.13 09/06/21 59 Download QR
Refactor song and note structs to not use bitfields, but manually read/write the correct bits from the data byte arrays. This fixes audio on the Wii U (and potential future Big Endian platforms)
Increase audio volume by removing bit shifting that was intended to reduce clipping, but doesn't appear to be helping
Turn off logger by default (stop unnecessary disc I/O)
Only write cartdata file on cart closure to avoid pauses mid game
Fix an issue where drawing shapes off screen drew extra pixels on the edges
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
fake-08 v0.0.2.9 04/30/21 121 Download QR
fake-08 v0.0.2.8 04/25/21 82 Download QR
fake-08 v0.0.2.7 04/17/21 65 Download QR
fake-08 v0.0.2.6 04/13/21 54 Download QR
fake-08 v0.0.2.5 03/28/21 76 Download QR
fake-08 v0.0.2.4 03/16/21 79 Download QR
fake-08 v0.0.2.3a 03/14/21 73 Download QR
fake_08.vpk v0.0.2.3 03/12/21 66 Download QR
fake-08 v0.0.2.12 08/22/21 31 Download QR
fake-08 v0.0.2.11 07/05/21 80 Download QR v0.0.2 11/29/20 66 Download QR v0.0.2 11/29/20 71 Download QR v0.0.1.2 09/27/20 69 Download QR v0.0.1.2 09/27/20 70 Download QR v0.0.1.1 06/21/20 66 Download QR v0.0.1.1 08/06/20 70 Download QR v0.0.1.1 06/19/20 73 Download QR v0.0.1.1 08/06/20 67 Download QR v0.0.1 06/09/20 71 Download QR v0.0.1 06/09/20 69 Download QR