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CBPSTube v1.0 by GrapheneCt
Last Release: Feb 17, 2021
Downloads: 3594

CBPSTube is unofficial Youtube application for PS Vita based on SCE VSL framework.

Key Features:

1. Supports all current Youtube features
2. Supports native 1280x720 playback on PS TV
3. Quickly access various youtube pages via sidebar menu (triangle button)


1. Required. Install CapUnlocker plugin:
Without this plugin your account information will not be saved and you will have to relogin each time you start the app
2. Install .vpk

Known limitations and bugs:

1. By default, youtube uses 360p resolution. You can change that to 720p in video playback settings (gear icon)
2. If video playback has been canceled during video player loading, it may get stuck on the video loading screen and playback controls will not show

How to close ads:

1. Once add starts playing, close it and press on the info icon near the "Ad" in the video player window
2. Select "Do not show this advertisement"

Button Controls:

L/R triggers - previous/next page
Cross - select
Square - load home page
Triangle - show/hide sidebar
Circle - previous page
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
CBPSTube v1.0 02/17/21 3594 Download QR,331.0.html
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR