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Max Payne PS Vita port vr4 by fgsfdsfgs/TheFlow
Last Release: Feb 17, 2021
Downloads: 279

This is a wrapper/port of the Android version of Max Payne Mobile. It loads the original game binary, patches it and runs it. This is probably not entirely stable yet, so expect issues.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Max Payne PS Vita port vr4 02/17/21 69 Download QR
Max Payne PS Vita port data vr4 02/18/21 78 Download QR
### Changelog
* added FIOS2 I/O from the GTASA port to reduce stutter due to SD reads;
* added a config file with a bunch of settings to tweak;
* restored debris (bullet cases and empty mags);
* added crouch toggle option to circumvent the problem with the face buttons;
* added option to load priority archives (ie MPM mod archives; no PC mod will probably work without edits);
* other misc changes.

If you already had a previous release installed and working, you only need to install the new VPK for this update.

### Known issues

* The game takes a while to start and load levels.
* Key binding menu does not display button names correctly.
* Intro movies don't play, since the player is not implemented.

### How to install

Before installing the game, you should do the following on your Vita:
1. [Install kubridge]( same way you install other `.skprx` plugins: download `kubridge.suprx`, copy it to `ux0:/tai/` and add these lines to your `ux0:/tai/config.txt`:
2. (optional) [Install fdfix]( if you don't want your game to crash on suspend.
2. [Extract the runtime shader compiler](
3. Reboot.

You're going to need:
* `.apk` file for version 1.7 (latest version at the time of writing);
* `.obb` file for version 1.6 or 1.7 (usually located at `/sdcard/android/obb/com.rockstar.maxpayne/`).

Both files [can be obtained]( from your phone if you have a copy of the game installed.
Both files can be opened or extracted with anything that can extract `.zip` files.

To install:
1. Install the latest VPK from the Releases page.
2. Extract the `assets` folder from your `.apk` to `ux0:/data` and rename it to `maxpayne`.
3. Extract `lib/armeabi-v7a/` from your `.apk` to `ux0:/data/maxpayne`.
4. Extract the contents of the `.obb` file into `ux0:/data/maxpayne`. You can skip all the `.msf` files except for `MaxPayneSoundsv2.msf` and any extra languages that you want.
5. Extract the contents of the `` from the latest release into `ux0:/data`. Replace everything.

You can put the game data onto `uma0:` or `imc0:` instead of `ux0:`. Paths remain the same.

The game will show an error message if it detects that anything is wrong. Please read those and check the relevant parts of your setup.

If the error says `Could not find symbol ...`, that likely means you have the wrong `.apk`. You need one for v1.7, others **will not work**.

If the game crashes on startup, double check your setup and the closed issues. If you can't find a solution, please post an issue with your last crash dump attached. Crash dumps are usually in `ux0:/data/`.

The Vita port has an extra config file, located at `ux0:/data/maxpayne/config.txt`. It is created when you first run the game and allows you to tweak some internal settings. For more detailed descriptions of said settings check the [wiki article](
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Max Payne PS Vita port vr3 01/30/21 100 Download QR
Max Payne PS Vita port vr2 01/30/21 32 Download QR