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PanelPop v0.0.3-psp by sharkwouter
Last Release: Dec 27, 2021
Downloads: 137

A Panel de Pon / Tetris Attack / Puzzle League clone made with C++ and SDL
Original-like mechanincs modeled after SNES version
Additional visual gameplay tweaks
Single player endless mode
Simple AI
Two-player VS game with garbage blocks
Default gameplay and menu keys:

Arrow keys - move cursor
X - accept/swap blocks
Z - cancel/raise stack
Esc - pause/start

Ctrl+F - toggle fps diplay
Alt+Return - toggle fullscreen
How to configure gamepads
Plug in gamepads before launching the game. Controls can be configured individually for P1/P2 in the options menu. The default keyboard controls will always work in the menus.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR v0.0.3-psp 12/27/21 21 Download QR
It runs a bit slow, but it is playable. Will do a full release once the performance improves. This does not require custom firmware to run.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
panel-pop.vpk v0.0.3-vita 12/12/20 116 Download QR