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vita-launcher v2.6 by cy33hc
Last Release: Feb 10, 2021
Downloads: 2244

This is a app/game launcher application.

The main purpose of this app is for users who have hundreds of games on their vita.

The psvita has limitation of 500 bubbles only. I couldn't find an app that served me well to manage my library of games so I decided to create my own.

Use in conjuction with the CopyIcons app to get icons not created by psvita.
Games are display in 4 categories (vita/psp/honebrew/favorites). The psp game categories looks for games starting the the gameid PSPEMU. Mainly the bubbles created with Adrenaline Bubble Manager (
Game caching. With hundreds of games, scanning the folders and building the list takes a long time. So a cache is built on the first scan and subsequent startup of the app reads from the cache.
Favorites. With hundreds of games, it's takes a quite a while to browse all the pages to find your favorite game. Therefore I've implemented a feature to add a game to you favorites for easy access.
Game images loaded on demand. With hundreds of games, we can't possibly load all the game images into memory. So images are loaded on demand only and a few pages of images are cached.
Last but not least, you can access you full library of games/apps. Just an FYI, I could load 1600 games/apps on my vita-tv.
up/down/left/right - for browsing your games
left analog stick - for browsing your games
square - add the selected game to favorites
circle - switch game/app category
triangle - scan games and rebuild the cache.
cross - start the selected game/app
L-trigger - previous page
R-trigger - next page
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vita-launcher v2.6 02/10/21 77 Download QR
- Add ability to create folders in categories
- option to rename folder
- option to config a custom icon for each folder
- while creating folders, you have the option to create the folders in multiple categories
- option to delete folder. When a folder is deleted, the games under the folder isn't deleted but instead moved back to the main folder.
- Add multi-selection ability for moving games to folders or hide games.
- Use the "SELECT" button to toggle "multi-select" mode.
- Multi-Selection mode is automatically cancelled if you switch category or folder
- removed the option to re-scan all games since it is a little dangerous. You can achieve the same by just deleting the "cache.db" file under the folder ux0:data/SMLA00001.
- Made the "Actions" tab the first tab in the "Settings and Actions" dialog.

see following video tutorial on how to use the features.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
launcher.vpk vRelease 09/26/20 93 Download QR
vita-launcher v2.5 01/31/21 59 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v2.3 11/28/20 58 Download QR
launcher.vpk v2.3 11/28/20 51 Download QR
vita-launcher v2.3 11/27/20 54 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v2.2 11/19/20 30 Download QR
launcher.vpk v2.2 11/19/20 33 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v2.1 11/16/20 33 Download QR
launcher.vpk v2.1 11/16/20 31 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v2.0 11/11/20 31 Download QR
launcher.vpk v2.0 11/12/20 28 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.9.2 11/09/20 31 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v1.9.1 11/07/20 34 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.9.1 11/07/20 32 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v1.9 11/03/20 33 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.9 11/03/20 34 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v1.8 10/30/20 33 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.8 10/30/20 29 Download QR
vita-launcher v1.8 11/02/20 177 Download QR
vita-launcher (adrenaline) v1.8 11/02/20 121 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v1.7.2 10/30/20 32 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.7.2 10/30/20 30 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v1.7.1 10/29/20 31 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.7.1 10/29/20 34 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v1.7 10/28/20 32 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.7 10/28/20 28 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v1.6.1 10/23/20 34 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.6.1 10/23/20 32 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v1.6 10/19/20 34 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.6 10/19/20 30 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v1.5.1 10/18/20 33 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.5.1 10/18/20 31 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v1.5 10/15/20 54 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.5 10/15/20 34 Download QR
AdrenalineLauncher.vpk v1.4 10/11/20 125 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.4 10/11/20 165 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.3 10/10/20 68 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.2 10/05/20 92 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.1 10/03/20 85 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.01 09/29/20 69 Download QR
launcher.vpk v1.0.2 09/30/20 69 Download QR