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VolLightbarCtrlWithDS4 v1.2 by CallmeBK
Last Release: Mar 19, 2021
Downloads: 180

Kernel plugin for PSVita and PSTV that will make connected DS4 lightbar to change color based on controller battery level. Requires MinivitaTV plugin to work on a PSVita. It also allows to manage console volume through buttons combination.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VolLightbarCtrlWithDS4 v1.2 03/19/21 33 Download QR
When using hotkeys Select + L1 or Select + R1 on PSTV, volume indicator would appear showing a volume level of zero and the volume would not change.

(PSTV Only) As of this release, the volume now changes with Select + L1/R1 hotkeys and I've drawn my own on-screen volume indicator to show the current volume level. Now this plugin is fully functional for both PS Vita and PSTV.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VolLightbarCtrlWithDS4.skprx v1.1 09/28/20 73 Download QR
VolLightbarCtrlWithDS4.skprx v1.0 09/25/20 74 Download QR