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Trigger Remap v1.0 by Emiougus
Last Release: Jul 18, 2020
Downloads: 70

Plugin for the PS Vita which allows you to remap R2/L2 to any location on the rear touchpad
How to Use
Put TriggerRemap.suprx in ur0:tai/ and add ur0:tai/TriggerRemap.suprx under *ALL in your config.txt

Configurator App
Install TriggerRemap.vpk through vitashell

Open the TriggerRemap configurator and create the config file with the create button in the bottom left corner

Manual Config
Create TriggerRemap.txt in ux0:data/

Configuration formatting is L2=X:500,Y:350;R2=X:1300,Y:350

Known Issues
In Ratchet and Clank 2 jumping to the side while strafing, ratchet doesn't always perform a sideways flip PSTV Support hasn't been tested, may or may not work

Rinnegatamante for LPP-Vita
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Trigger Remap v1.0 07/18/20 38 Download QR
TriggerRemap.suprx v1.0 07/18/20 32 Download QR
Thorough testing has not been done, only tested for about 20 minutes on god of war and ratchet and clank 2. No major problems that I know of though
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR