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VITAlbum v1.30 by Joel16
Last Release: Sep 19, 2020
Downloads: 768

A simple homebrew file browser that is used for viewing various image formats on the PlayStation VITA.
Supported Formats:
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
- Config file now makes use of the SceLibJson API for reading/writing instead of jansson.
- No longer manually accounts for the offset when writing error logs.
- Files that aren't supported by VITAlbum are now filtered out and not displayed in the GUI.
- Added support for viewing SVGs using nanosvg
- Properly use cancel/enter buttons throughout the UI.
- The UI now uses the official PS Vita font.
- Settings now has a new section where it displays the app version as well as the versions of various libraries used in this application that expose some sort of version info in their API.
- LibTIFF updated to v4.2.0
- libjpeg-turbo updated to v2.0.6.
- Fix .TIFF images being read from the wrong orientation.
- Allow the use of L/R triggers to scroll through images in a single folder.
- The right analog stick can be used to move around image if its size is bigger than 960x544.
- The left analog stick can be used to zoom in/out of image.
- Clean-up imgui implementation (removed unused touchscreen/mouse functionalities).
- Many under the hood changes for QOL improvements.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VITAlbum.vpk v1.30 09/19/20 200 Download QR
VITAlbum.vpk v1.20 09/14/20 110 Download QR
VITAlbum.vpk v1.10 07/31/20 184 Download QR
VITAlbum.vpk v1.01 07/08/20 157 Download QR
VITAlbum.vpk v1.00 07/07/20 115 Download QR