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Virtual mass storage v1.30 by Princess of Sleeping
Last Release: Sep 7, 2020
Downloads: 213

A plugin to create a ram disk to mount at uma0.

With this, very simple and fast IO is possible.

By default vmass creates storage of size 32MiB.

It is useful as fast temporary storage as its contents are wiped at power off or reboot.

Content is retained for suspend


Add under *KERNEL in Taihen config.txt

If you are using other plugins that may mount uma0, please disable them as they will conflict. Priority is given to the vmass plugin.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vmass.skprx v1.30 09/07/20 30 Download QR
Support VitaShell USB Mode.
Improved basic access speed.

Max access speed
Read : 143MB/s
Write : 512MB/s

Average access speed
Read : 70MB/s
Write : 230MB/s
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vmass.skprx v1.20 06/15/20 68 Download QR
vmass.skprx v1.10 06/11/20 60 Download QR
vmass.skprx v1.00 06/09/20 55 Download QR