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Daedalus X64 v0.6 by Rinnegatamante
Last Release: Dec 12, 2020
Downloads: 5442

Daedalus X64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator originally for Linux and PSP ported to PSVITA thanks to vitaGL usage.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Daedalus X64 v0.6 12/12/20 190 Download QR
- Added support for Russian translation. (By nekita13)
- Added support for Turkish translation. (By rewold20)
- Fixed an issue causing the app to crash when booted from other apps in certain cicrumstances.
- Separated nightly auto updater from stable releases auto updater.
- Optimized several instructions in the DynaRec.
- Made DynaRec code buffer doublebuffered.
- Implemented several missing instructions in the DynaRec.
- Added registers caching to the DynaRec.
- Fixed some issues in the DynaRec causing incorrect operations to happen.
- Added loop optimizations to the DynaRec.
- Added memory access optimizations to the DynaRec.
- Removed Safe Dynarec as CPU emulation mode and added a DynaRec config panel to properly enable optimizations selectively.
- Fixed an issue causing graphics to get corrupted in some games if Wait Rendering Done wasn't set.
- Made so that the emulator will automatically unpause if the user selects the Close Rom or Restart Rom options while the emulator was paused.
- Updated to latest vitaGL commit.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
DaedalusX64.vpk vNightly 05/02/20 347 Download QR
Daedalus X64 v0.5 09/05/20 958 Download QR
Daedalus X64 data file v0.5 09/05/20 682 Download QR
Daedalus X64 v0.4 06/29/20 638 Download QR
Daedalus X64 data file v0.4 06/29/20 473 Download QR
Daedalus X64 v0.3 05/15/20 619 Download QR
Daedalus X64 data file v0.3 05/15/20 837 Download QR
Daedalus X64 v0.2 05/06/20 348 Download QR
Daedalus X64 v0.1 05/01/20 182 Download QR
Daedalus X64 data v0.1 05/01/20 167 Download QR