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Sharpscale v1.4.0 by cuevavirus
Last Release: Jun 9, 2020
Downloads: 1051

Native 960x544 HDMI output for PSTV
Sharpscale provides the following two features:

720p: outputs the native framebuffer size 960x544 with black borders
1080i: integer scale the framebuffer to 1920x1088 and trim the bottom 8 lines

Integer scaling is therefore possible up to 1440p and 4k.

This is the only method to obtain native resolution video capture with accurate colours at 60fps. A hardware capture kit for the Vita was previously available from Japan for $450 USD, but due to changes in Japanese laws, this is no longer available.

The scaling test program shows horizontal and vertical lines 1 pixel wide alternating between black and white. If any patterns are observed, then scaling has been improperly performed, such as in all output modes without this plugin.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Sharpscale config v1.4.0 06/09/20 137 Download QR
Sharpscale PLUGIN v1.4.0 06/09/20 129 Download QR
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Sharpscale config v1.3.0 05/06/20 138 Download QR
Sharpscale PLUGIN v1.3.0 05/06/20 98 Download QR
Sharpscale config v1.3 04/25/20 95 Download QR
Sharpscale PLUGIN v1.3 04/24/20 98 Download QR
Sharpscale PLUGIN v1.2 04/09/20 89 Download QR
Sharpscale PLUGIN v1.1 04/08/20 82 Download QR
scalingtest v1.0 04/02/20 98 Download QR
Sharpscale PLUGIN v1.0 04/02/20 87 Download QR