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BGFTP v3.21 by GrapheneCt
Last Release: Mar 7, 2021
Downloads: 1709

Background FTP server for PS Vita
Works simultaneously with any game, including enlarged memory mode games, and in sleep mode. Runs on system-reserved core, so performance in games is not affected. BGFTP can send various information to user via notifications.

Can be somewhat slow when cpu-hungry game process is running due to BGFTP process having low priority.
How to use
Install LowMemMode plugin to increase multitasking abilities. It is not required, but highly recommended.
Intstall .vpk, start BGFTP application.
Press X button to start BGFTP background application.
Now you can use BGFTP.
To disable notifications, go to Settings -> Notifications -> BGFTP. Don't forget to terminate BGFTP after you finished using it, otherwise you system will not switch to sleep mode.

BGFTP background application can be terminated under following conditions:
LiveArea of the main application is peeled off.
Enlarged memory mode game is started. BGFTP can be relaunched afterwards if you have LowMemMode plugin installed.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
BGFTP.vpk v3.21 03/07/21 57 Download QR
- Implemented proper handling of intermittent connection
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
BGFTP.vpk v3.2 03/05/21 43 Download QR
BGFTP.vpk v3.1 08/02/20 234 Download QR
BGFTP.vpk v3.0 07/27/20 160 Download QR
BGFTP.vpk v2.0 05/15/20 238 Download QR
BGFTP.vpk v1.5 04/18/20 244 Download QR
BGFTP v1.3 02/28/20 265 Download QR
BGFTP.vpk v1.2 02/23/20 252 Download QR
BGFTP.vpk v1.0 02/22/20 213 Download QR