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VitOut v2.0 by Dane64
Last Release: May 25, 2020
Downloads: 198

First attempt of game development in C
Known Bugs
Ball is able to go beyond wall boundaries at the moment
Ball could destroy multiple lines of bricks when hit from the side
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitOut.vpk v2.0 05/25/20 25 Download QR
Complete refactor over v1.3.

- Splash screen
- Audio
- Touch support
- Fonts and Sprites

- Rock solid collision detection (the code of helped me a lot)
- New levels (lvl 6 is there for testing purposes)
- Made the game using only the vita2d lib so the size of the game is < 50kb
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitOut.vpk v2.0-beta.2 05/24/20 19 Download QR
VitOut.vpk v2.0-beta 05/24/20 17 Download QR
VitOut.vpk v1.3 01/13/20 88 Download QR
ViOut.vpk v1.0-beta 09/03/19 47 Download QR