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Random-Hentai v2.1 by SonicMastr
Last Release: Jan 11, 2020
Downloads: 1163

Simple PSVITA Application that returns a random Hentai Picture
Source Updated from caghandemir's version. Don't know what happened to them but the application stopped working, so I created and hosted my own API for now and updated the app to use it. Still uses Rinnegatamante's LPP-VITA. The new API uses Konachan as a source.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Random_Hentai.vpk v2.1 01/11/20 899 Download QR

Now uses Safe Eboot (Installing wont ask you for unsafe permissions)

Drastically reduced load time (4-7 seconds compared to upwards of 30)

Random images are now truly random with no post limit. You better start saving stuff you like or you might never see them again ;)

Notifies you if the source is potentially blocked in your country (Solutions to this problem are being talked over)

Just in case you still happen to experience a crash, restarting works now
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Random_Hentai.vpk v2.0 01/11/20 104 Download QR
Random_Hentai.vpk v1.0.1 01/08/20 87 Download QR
Random_Hentai.vpk v1.0 01/07/20 61 Download QR