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volume_profile v2.0.0 by cuevavirus
Last Release: Dec 14, 2019
Downloads: 42

Automatically switch between your preferred speaker and headphone volumes.Usage
Plug in your headphones, and the volume automatically changes to the volume you last used for your headphones. The opposite happens when you unplug. This works even if they were plugged in or unplugged while the Vita is powered off or suspended.
If your Vita is muted, the volume changes but remains muted. Press the volume buttons to unmute.
AVLS functions normally. For European region Vitas, AVLS does not turn back on by itself.
Supported firmware versions: 3.60, 3.65-3.73

Download the latest version from releases and install under *main of your taiHEN config.

This plugin supercedes NoAVLS so noavls.skprx can be removed from under *KERNEL.

Known Issues
Plugins that modify the input buffer may interfere with detection of headphones (fix for LOLIcon)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
jav.suprx v2.0.0 12/14/19 11 Download QR
- Bluetooth audio device support (separate volume for up to 32 paired devices)
- Config path changed to ux0:data/jav
- Visual and performance enhancements
- Energy Star certified
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
volume_profile.suprx v1.1.0 11/21/19 22 Download QR
volume_profile.suprx v1.0.0 11/18/19 9 Download QR