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mincg v1.0 by SKGleba
Last Release: Nov 5, 2019
Downloads: 76

Min. firmware version manager for Playstation Vita/TV
This toolset lets you manage PS Vita/TV's SMI data which stores the minfw ("factory firmware") version.
How does it work? - Check out Moth Exploit by TeamMolecule/xyz:

PC tool
This tool lets you find a compatible signed SMI block for your console.

Vita tool
This tool lets you Flash/Dump the SMI data including per-console SMI decryption keys.

1) Download and install mincg.vpk on the console.
2) Open mincg and press [CROSS] to dump the SMI data.
3) Copy the _SMI_ files from ux0:data/ to your PC
- Please consider sending the dump to [email protected] to help out other users.
4) Copy the [.SMI_KEY] file to the mincg/pctool/ directory
- Rename it to something short, i.e "cur.key".
5) Run the mincg pc tool with the key-file name as the argument
- i.e "./mincg cur.key".
6) If there is a match - congrats, you are lucky (there are only 3/256 chances)
- If your own, previously contributed SMI got a match, you can remove or rename it from the /keys/ directory and re-run the tool.
7) Copy the "TSMI.SMI" file from /mincg/ to ux0:data/ on Playstation Vita/TV
8) Open mincg and press [CIRCLE] to flash the new SMI data.
- If it fails, please send me "ux0:data/mincg.log" and your _SMI_ files
9) Thats it! You just changed your minfw version.
- You do it at your own risk, i take no responsability for whatever happens to your console.
- The PC tool requires OpenSSL (enc).
- mincg creates a log in "ux0:data/mincg.log".
- You should NOT downgrade below 3.60 there may be some hardware differences on lower firmwares i.e: no slims support on 2.00.
- You should NOT update to 3.74+ when it gets released, sony may patch this exploit.
- Team Molecule / xyz for the Moth Exploit, update_sm 0x50002 exploit and help over discord
- Team Molecule for HenKaku and TaiHen
- xerpi for TaiHen plugin loader
- All testers and everyone who contributed with their SMI dumps.
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mincg.vpk v1.0 11/05/19 75 Download QR
Read the readme!
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