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RepoHub v0.15 by robDevs
Last Release: Jan 7, 2020
Downloads: 2877

View Github users, repos, and releases from a ps-vita
RepoHub allows you to browse GitHub users and repositories using the GitHub API. You can view and download releases from repositories as well.

By default the API allows 60 requests per hour, per ip address. For light usage this should be plenty. If you need additional api requests please view the section about personal access tokens.

Personal Access Tokens
Using a personall access token increases the API request limit to 5000 per hour and is based on the token, not the ip address.

Using a token will also unlock these additional features:

Star and Unstar repositories.
Submit issues directly to RepoHub on GitHub
Creating Personal Access Tokens
visit to create your token
Select public_repo for the scope of the token.
Launch RepoHub and press Start on the home screen
Select Enter Token
Your token will be encrypted and saved using a key only provided at compile time.
Usage without a Personal Access Token
A user name is still required to use RepoHub. It is used to generate your list of followed users and starred repositories. To add your username:

press start from the home screen
select Enter UserName
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
RepoHub.vpk v0.15 01/07/20 760 Download QR
Change log:
- Featured repositories tab.
- To request a repository be added or removed submit an issue [here]( with the `user/name` of the repository.
- Updated the release details page to look and feel more consistent with the rest of the app.
- Make sure temp folders used during installation are empty/removed before installing apps.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
RepoHub.vpk v0.10 01/03/20 345 Download QR
RepoHub.vpk v0.05 09/02/19 435 Download QR
RepoHub.vpk v0.04 09/01/19 200 Download QR
RepoHub.vpk v0.03 08/31/19 626 Download QR
RepoHub.vpk v0.02 08/17/19 230 Download QR
RepoHub.vpk v0.01 08/13/19 234 Download QR