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testkit/devkit-activator v1.3 by SilicaAndPina
Last Release: Nov 13, 2019
Downloads: 121

re-activate your test/dev kit vita after it expires

only works if you have your activation files still
tm0:activate/act.dat & tm0:activate/actsig.dat

also due to a restriction in the firmware (probably added in 3.55) the SecureTick cannot be set to any date before 1/1/2015, so you will get error code 0x80251000 if your start activation date is before this time. (this doesnt matter on devkit, only a minor annoyance on soft resets!)

upon running activate.vpk your activation data will be backed up to pd0:/data/ and ux0:/data/ its highly recommended to make a copy on your PC as well.

pd0:data/ because its read-only and it remains even after updating or reinstalling the firmware. basicly it would be difficult to actidently delete them

oh btw, normal henkaku doesnt work if your system is activated, (it assumes its allready installed) ive made the modifications nessorcary to make it install regardless and hosting it currently at

thanks zecoaxco for saving me from RE'ing ksceRtcSetCurrentNetworkTick
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
testkit/devkit-activator v1.3 11/13/19 52 Download QR
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
testkit/devkit-activator v1.1 08/10/19 67 Download QR