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Cocaine Cowboy v0.1 by tijesef
Last Release: Jun 11, 2019
Downloads: 82

This is a prototype, it has a few bugs, but still playable.

Most of the levels are unfinished versions of levels in final game.



LStick - Move between selections

X - Select

O - Go back

Pressing "EXIT GAME" will freeze your game, just press PS Button and close LiveArea card.


LStick - Move

RStick - Aim

Left Shoulder - Pickup/Throw Weapons/Finish an enemy

Right Shoulder - Shoot/punch

X - restart/go to next level (even if you're not dead, X will restart the level, in case you got stuck)

Because you can't use touchscreen to move camera (as in PSN version) you can hold DPad down and use right stick
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Cocaine Cowboy v0.1 06/11/19 82 Download QR
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR