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Pingo v1.1 by Grzybojad
Last Release: Apr 28, 2019
Downloads: 34

Pingo is a puzzle game in which your goal is to paint the whole level in as little steps as possible. Try to earn all 3 stars in 30 hand crafted levels!

All this gorgeous art was done by Jumbocube. @RBDev made a level editor for this game, it was a massive help during development and it will be released along with custom level support in the future
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Pingo.vpk v1.1 04/28/19 16 Download QR
- Added a total star count to the level select screen
- Added a message for those who finish all levels and another for those who get all 90 stars
- Added a WIP options menu with credits, so choosing "options" in the main menu won't close the game anymore
- Buffed the difficulty on a few levels thanks to dragnu5's testing

Same as last time, your previous star ratings won't change. If you want to play with the new star ratings, you should erase your previous save by deleting "saveData.txt" in ux0:/data/Pingo.

PS: Be sure to vote for Pingo in the game jam!
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Pingo.vpk v1.01 04/24/19 8 Download QR
Pingo.vpk v1.0 04/22/19 10 Download QR