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Shortcuts Enhancer v2.00 by ONELua Team
Last Release: Jun 4, 2019
Downloads: 990

Simple app to enhance the shortcuts on the PS Vita index menu.With this app, you can create custom images linked to any PS Vita app/game for the shortcuts shown in the PS Vita index menu, also, you can select between the icon or the startup image of your app/game to create the shrotcut preview.

When creating the preview images, you can choose between a bunch of colorfull backgrounds (when icon0 is selected, thanks to moody b) to make your shortcuts look the way you want them.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Shortcuts-Enhancer.vpk v2.00 06/04/19 388 Download QR
### Changelog 2.00 ###
- Added compatibility with new official XML (blue icons).<br>
- Added option to restore official XML (press and hold L&R).<br>
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Shortcuts-Enhancer v2.00 06/04/19 135 Download QR
Shortcuts-Enhancer.vpk v1.01 04/19/19 280 Download QR
Shortcuts-Enhancer.vpk v1.00 04/13/19 177 Download QR