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NXEngine-evo v2.6.4 by nxengine
Last Release: Apr 8, 2019
Downloads: 340

This is a somewhat upgraded/refactored version of nxengine
Differences from original nxengine:
Port to SDL2 ( thanks to )
More resolutions and proper widescreen support up to FullHD (thanks to )
Fixed tons of gameplay bugs.
Gamepad with force-feedback support.
Localization support.
Mimiga mask ending pictures.
Animated facepics.
Modern main menu.
Support for custom soundtracks.
Initial mod support.
Vita/Switch ports.
Cleaner and partly refactored code.
Removed built-in data extractor.
Removed replays, as they were buggy/not implemented anyway.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
NXEngine-v2.6.4-Vita.vpk v2.6.4 04/08/19 31 Download QR v2.6.4 04/08/19 15 Download QR v2.6.4 04/08/19 18 Download QR

* Tons of gameplay/weapons/ai fixes and optimizations (yes, boost jumping works now)
* Animated portraits
* Strafing, configurable OK/Cancel.
* Support for custom soundtracks and playlists.
* Configurable SFX/Music volume.
* Vita port
* Switch port
* Out-of-bounds tiles support to make maps look better on high/widescreen resolutions
* Dynamic title backgrounds based on 260.rec
* New improved and accurate Organya/Pixtone player and overall refactored soundmanager.
* Refactored and cleaned up renderer (should make porting to libretro/whatever easier)
* Initial mod support (couple of mods are coming later)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR v2.6.3 04/09/18 17 Download QR v2.6.3 04/09/18 21 Download QR v2.6.2 02/16/18 17 Download QR v2.6.2 02/16/18 16 Download QR v2.6.1 01/02/18 15 Download QR v2.6.1 01/02/18 14 Download QR v2.6 12/20/17 14 Download QR v2.6 12/20/17 15 Download QR v2.5 11/05/17 12 Download QR v2.5 11/05/17 17 Download QR v2.4.1 04/27/17 16 Download QR v2.4.1 04/27/17 15 Download QR v2.4 02/25/17 18 Download QR v2.4 02/25/17 17 Download QR v2.3 02/12/17 16 Download QR v2.3 02/12/17 17 Download QR v2.2 02/10/17 19 Download QR