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ElevenMPV v6.02 by Joel16/Graphene
Last Release: Dec 19, 2021
Downloads: 6950

A homebrew music player for Playstation VITA that aims to support many different audio formats compared to the offical PS VITA music application.

Currently supported formats: (16 bit signed samples)
WAV (A-law and u-law, Microsoft ADPCM, IMA ADPCM)
Browse ux0:/ to play the above audio formats.
Pause/Play audio.
Shuffle/Repeat audio.
Next/Previous track in current working directory.
Display ID3v1 and ID3v2 metadata for MP3 files.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
ElevenMPV-A v6.02 12/19/21 89 Download QR
- Fixed a crash that occured when attempting to launch in BG with +109MB game applications
- Fixed an issue where WebM OPUS and YouTube decoders locked application when attempting to seek while paused
- Added a workaround to download YouTube videos with illegal characters in the names
- Added support for non-latin languages and autosuggestions to YouTube search keyboard
- Added new languages: German, Brazilian Portuguese
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
ElevenMPV-A.vpk v6.01 12/19/21 59 Download QR
ElevenMPV-A v5.05 07/20/21 503 Download QR
ElevenMPV-A.vpk v5.04 07/15/21 143 Download QR
ElevenMPV-A.vpk v5.03 07/15/21 76 Download QR
ElevenMPV-A.vpk v5.01 07/15/21 98 Download QR
ElevenMPV-A.vpk v5.00 07/14/21 75 Download QR
ElevenMPV-A.vpk v4.01 03/07/21 330 Download QR
ElevenMPV-A.vpk v4.00 02/27/21 144 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v3.81 11/11/20 406 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v3.80 11/11/20 149 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v3.71 07/05/20 501 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v3.70 07/05/20 228 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v3.50 06/10/20 310 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v3.0 05/25/20 211 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v2.21 05/04/20 285 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v2.20 05/03/20 214 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v2.10 07/17/19 1080 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v2.00 06/02/19 527 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v1.20 05/15/19 459 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v1.10 04/10/19 506 Download QR
ElevenMPV.vpk v1.00 04/01/19 381 Download QR