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enso_ex v4.5 by SKGleba
Last Release: Oct 10, 2020
Downloads: 2586

This is a mod of, all credits go to team molecule for their awesome tool.

The following features/functions were added:

Compatibility with both fw3.60 and fw3.65.
Ability to keep the original Playstation Boot Logo or use a custom Boot Logo/Animation.
SafeBoot system with auto-config-rebuild feature.
sd2vita driver (optional).
Update blocker (optional).
Installer - ability to skip checks (force flash).
The following features/functions were removed:

Ability to download and update the firmware via enso installer.
Functions usage
location: ur0:tai/boot_splash.img
file format: raw (rgba) or gzipped raw (rgba) 960x544 image.
location: ur0:tai/boot_animation.img
file format: custom (see
sd2vita wakeup fix: self explanatory i think
sleep fd fix by TheFlow: fixes common sleep-related homebrew errors
delay boot: also self explanatory. Useful if you want to test your own boot_animation.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
enso_ex.vpk v4.5 10/10/20 121 Download QR
### Changelog:
- Added own base kernel modules loader with support for custom modules.
- Removed "script" patches, use the new loader with *.skprx modules.
- Added SD-as-os0 recovery (hold START)
- Added psp2spl, moved all other lv0-based mods to the spl dir
- Better, future-proof HFW support
- Overall stability fixes/patches
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
enso_ex.vpk v4.1 04/14/20 739 Download QR
enso_installer_ex.vpk v3.0 03/09/19 1480 Download QR
enso_installer_ex.vpk v2.0 10/07/18 199 Download QR