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Julius Vita v1.3.1 by bvschaik
Last Release: Feb 24, 2020
Downloads: 1423

ulius is an open source re-implementation of Caesar III.

The aim of this project is to create an open-source version of Caesar 3, with the same logic as the original, but with some UI enhancements, that is able to be played on multiple platforms. The same logic means that the saved games are 100% compatible, and any gameplay bugs present in the original Caesar 3 game will also be present in Julius.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR v1.3.1 02/24/20 143 Download QR v1.3.1 02/24/20 19 Download QR
julius-1.3.1-vita.vpk v1.3.1 02/24/20 75 Download QR v1.3.1 02/24/20 15 Download QR
### Improvements

* Screenshots taken using `F12` (current screen) and `Ctrl+F12` (full city) are now saved as PNG images instead of BMP
* The file dialog for loading a city or choosing a map can now contain an unlimited number of files. The previous restriction was 200 files
* Music starts immediately when loading a city or starting a map
* Confirmation dialog has been added to the replay map menu option
* Smooth scrolling works a bit faster to match the original scroll speed

### Bugfixes

* Fixed: building a wall on top of buildings is no longer possible
* Fixed: building a reservoir on top of a reservoir no longer costs money
* Fixed: construction getting stuck when dragging and letting the mouse go over the sidebar
* Fixed: broken scrolling of the map on Vita and Switch
* Fixed: memory leak on Windows while listing files
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Julius Vita vnightly 04/19/19 150 Download QR v1.3.0 02/14/20 47 Download QR v1.3.0 02/14/20 17 Download QR
julius-1.3.0-vita.vpk v1.3.0 02/14/20 45 Download QR v1.3.0 02/14/20 19 Download QR v1.2.0 01/08/20 93 Download QR v1.2.0 01/08/20 38 Download QR
julius-1.2.0-vita.vpk v1.2.0 01/08/20 50 Download QR v1.2.0 01/08/20 51 Download QR
Julius Vita v1.1.0 05/26/19 58 Download QR v1.1.0 05/26/19 185 Download QR v1.1.0 05/26/19 72 Download QR
julius-1.1.0-vita.vpk v1.1.0 05/26/19 127 Download QR v1.1.0 05/26/19 54 Download QR
julius.vpk v0.10 02/15/19 104 Download QR