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Julius Vita v1.1.0 by bvschaik
Last Release: May 26, 2019
Downloads: 344

ulius is an open source re-implementation of Caesar III.

The aim of this project is to create an open-source version of Caesar 3, with the same logic as the original, but with some UI enhancements, that is able to be played on multiple platforms. The same logic means that the saved games are 100% compatible, and any gameplay bugs present in the original Caesar 3 game will also be present in Julius.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR v1.1.0 05/26/19 83 Download QR v1.1.0 05/26/19 17 Download QR
julius-1.1.0-vita.vpk v1.1.0 05/26/19 71 Download QR v1.1.0 05/26/19 23 Download QR
### General improvements
- Support for non-ascii characters in filenames
- Support for non-ascii keyboards for hotkeys and file input
- Touch support
- Playstation Vita port
- Nintendo Switch port
- Show directory dialog when no valid Caesar 3 installation has been found
- Save chosen directory to preferences
- Support for Russian and Polish versions of the game. Get the required patches here: [Russian](, [Polish](

### Gameplay enhancements
- Feedback when clearing land: hovering over a building will now highlight the building
- Window positioning when coming out of fullscreen is handled more smoothly
- Right-click info dialog now shows up at cursor instead of at the other side of the screen
- Long filenames are truncated/ellipsized in the file dialog
- Keyboard ENTER can be used to confirm yes/no dialogs
- Mouse cursor is restricted to the display the game is playing on in fullscreen mode
- Videos now play at the volume settings for "sound effects", rather than at 100% volume
- Reduced audio lag when clicking buttons

### Performance enhancements
- Better performance when tooltips are drawn
- Fixed memory leak and crashes when playing videos
- Optimizations to drawing routines

### Bugfixes
- Fixed: farm not drawing correctly on overlay in certain orientations
- Fixed: earthquake tiles turning into rocks on map rotate
- Fixed: soldiers not acting properly on enormous maps
- Fixed: crash in manual entry for pottery
- Fixed: strange things happening to fires caused by earthquakes
- Fixed: after deleting a bridge the player could not rebuild a bridge on the same location
- Fixed: random weird things caused by reuse of building memory
- Fixed: some scenarios not loading on Linux because of case-sensitivity
- Fixed: arrow keys not scrolling when hovering over buttons
- Fixed: abandoned houses creating vacant lots at the wrong locations
- Fixed: large insula not merging properly in some locations
- Fixed: super-fast mouse clicks were not handled
- Fixed: corrupt screenshots when taking them with hotkey F12
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Julius Vita vnightly 04/19/19 73 Download QR
Julius Vita v1.1.0 05/26/19 19 Download QR
julius.vpk v0.10 02/15/19 48 Download QR