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reRescaler v1.0 BETA by Rinnegatamante
Last Release: Jan 27, 2019
Downloads: 535

This plugin replaces the original rescaler for PSVITA with a new one allowing games running at non-native resolution to get graphics improvements thanks to filtering with shaders.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
ioplus v1.0 beta 01/27/19 238 Download QR
reRescaler v1.0 BETA 01/27/19 294 Download QR
Supported features:
- Support for all kind of lower resolution games.
- Support for five different rescaling methods (Rescaler off, Original, Sharp Bilinear, Sharp Bilinear Simple, LCD 3x)
- Support for bilinear filtering on framebuffer scaling
- Config save/loading

NOTE: Some games may crash or have unwanted behaviours due to how the plugin works, if that happens, please report the issue on GitHub!

Blacklisted games:
- Urban Trial Freestyle (EU): Causes a gpu crash at game boots

Hold Start for 2 Secs - Locks/Unlocks mode/bilinear mode changing
Hold L for 4 secs - Changes current rescaling mode
Hold R for 4 secs - Enables/Disables bilinear filtering

Install reRescaler.suprx under *ALL or under whatever game you want to use it.
Install ioPlus.skprx under *KERNEL (required for config feature).
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR