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MakePsmGreatAgain v1.5 by SilicaAndPina
Last Release: Apr 19, 2020
Downloads: 781

Modifications to the PSM Developer applications
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
MakePsmGreatAgain v1.5 04/19/20 53 Download QR
V1.3 -
Now works with reF00D plugin by dots_tb (as well as repatch)

v1.2 -
Infinite Publishing License for PSM Dev for Unity (PCSI00009)
PSM Dev for Unity, app/game launching acturally working now (fixed bugs that dots-tb didnt want to fix)

v1.0 -
Automatically creates publishing license (if not allready created) and PSM Dev bootup (still need psm+ for development!)
Re-Enable's SceUsbSerial for ALL applications (yes, if u want to use it on your own homebrew, YOU CAN!)
Spoofs SecureTick to allways be within the valid period for the PsmDrmBoot and KConsole Cache (Publsihing License will never expire) (Note: Only PSM Dev will have infinite publishing license PSM Unity not supported ATM (but USB will work), Will fix when Dots_TB fixes Repatch so that PSM Unity acturally works properly)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
MakePsmGreatAgain v1.4 04/26/19 207 Download QR
MakePsmGreatAgain v1.3 01/11/19 178 Download QR
MakePsmGreatAgain v1.2 01/06/19 158 Download QR
MakePsmGreatAgain v1.0 01/04/19 185 Download QR