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Vita Save Manager Plus v4.1.0 by Kylon
Last Release: Feb 2, 2019
Downloads: 516

This is a fork of vita-savmgr.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Vita Save Manager Plus v4.1.0 02/02/19 327 Download QR
## 4.1.0
- Support all vita partitions
- Better VitaShell module loading (Thanks Princess-of-sleeping)
- fix a few crashes

## 4.0.0

- Remove touch controls

- Remove list mode

- Remove ini config

- Change saves path to data/vitaSaveManager

- Change app title ID (you can keep both this and original)

- Auto replace ACCOUNT_ID in param.sfo (#75)

- Add My Saves page

- Add menu (Backup all / delete all)

- Add change savefile region option

- Support both encrypted and decrypted saves

- Support orphan saves

- Code clean up and optimization

- More...See git logs

About encrypted saves:

they are untouched and you can restore them as is, ie no need to start the game.

About region change option:

Most games use the same save "structure" for any region, but not all.

Region change is 100% safe and reversible, unless i/o errors occur :P

If the save does not work, the game uses a slightly different save structure (or your entered ID is wrong).

About orphan saves:

Saves of games that are not installed in your system.

You can backup and restore them. (For eg. games that require a save of the predecessor to unlock stuff)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
Vita Save Manager Plus v4.0.0 01/01/19 188 Download QR