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PSVitaDock v4 by lazydevyo
Last Release: Feb 5, 2019
Downloads: 564

A Streaming app which let's you plug and play your PSVita to your PC without hustle.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR v4 02/05/19 55 Download QR v4 02/05/19 93 Download QR
RemotePC.vpk v4 02/05/19 86 Download QR
No more watermark lines, fixed the problem of not being able to detect the audio device if its not set as default (Basicly you don't need to have the psvita as your default mic for it to work on psvitadock anymore).

The X86_64 zip is for 64bit pc's.

The x86 zip is for 32bit pc's.

Use the PSVitaDockLauncher.exe if you want the PSVitaDock app to auto start when vita connects.

RemotePC.vpk is optional app for your ps vita, you can control the psvitadock app from your vita. (I know RemotePC is stupid name i couldnt think something better sry).
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR v3.2 01/17/19 28 Download QR v3.2 01/17/19 37 Download QR
RemotePC.vpk v3.2 01/15/19 36 Download QR v3.1 01/15/19 58 Download QR v2.1 12/28/18 62 Download QR v2 12/23/18 74 Download QR v1 12/21/18 34 Download QR