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VitaTweakBox v2.07 beta by benmitnick
Last Release: Aug 8, 2019
Downloads: 2564

This is a vitashell mod with added features
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitaTweakBox v2.07 beta 08/08/19 432 Download QR
VTB is now the main application
New theme for VTB and Tweaks
VitaShell is now a Tweak
Bug corrected on the Theme Selector
Change on the display of the information of the partitions it is now (Used/Free/Max)
New menu selector
Update of the User Manual
Update Colors/Param/Languages files

Reorganization of directories for more cleanliness
VTB now uses the random wallpaper always at Maximum of 20 put in the directory vtb (wallpaper.png, wallpaper2.png) etc ...
VitaShell now uses only 1 background image (bg_browser.png) but keeps the filter_wallpaper.png filter to put in the vitashell directory of your theme
The param.ini file has been moved to the VTB directory
The colors have been separated into 2 files for clarity. colors.ini from VitaShell in its respective directory and colors.ini of VTB and its Tweaks in the vtb directory
Bug corrected of theme selector it should work properly now
Add of missing colors of VitaShell in colors.ini
Add the preview.png of the chosen theme in SplashScreen with fade effect
Add changelog to the changeinfo directory of the VitaTweakBox root directory
Add the Tweak Books with 20 Max Books and 100 Max Images/Books (The archives are not supported yet)
The themes VTB are Max 16 which is sufficient
Add Touch support
Manual updated
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitaTweakBox v2.06 beta 12/29/18 1295 Download QR
VitaTweakBox v2.05 beta 12/08/18 837 Download QR