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HH-Vita v3.0 by SKGleba
Last Release: Oct 28, 2018
Downloads: 868 app for Playstation Vita/TV
Simple & Intuitive GUI
Watch/Download full lenght movies in various resolutions (usually 360p/480p/720p/1080p)
Background download support
Downloaded movies are automatically added to the built-in vita player's gallery
A "Safe" version with a "MP4 Player" livearea and password lock.
Main Menu (available series list):
UP/DOWN - Navigate up/down
L/R - Load previous/next page (14 entries)
Cross - Load highlighted series's info menu
Select - Update movies db (needs app restart)
Start - Shows a dialog where you can watch own MP4 online (http link)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
HHBRWS.vpk v3.0 10/28/18 346 Download QR
HHBRWS_safe.vpk v3.0 10/28/18 178 Download QR
- Added a new source - hentaigasm (you can enable it via the settings menu)
- Added a settings menu
- Added a "One-Hand" mode
- Added a "Advanced info" menu with full title, description and thumbnail
- Automatically launches the video if only one resolution is available
- Fixed some bugs
- Redesigned some core parts
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
HHBRWS.vpk v2.0 10/20/18 225 Download QR
HHBRWS_safe.vpk v2.0 10/20/18 119 Download QR