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AnalogsEnhancer v1.1 by Rinnegatamante
Last Release: Nov 28, 2019
Downloads: 462

This little kernel plugin allows users to improve their experience with PSVITA analogs. It allows to:

- Set a specific deadzone value between 0 and 128 for each analog
- Enable software rescaling of analogs output for better precision (Thanks to rsn8887)
- Force PSVITA system to use ANALOG_WIDE mode even when ANALOG mode is used causing a better precision in general
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
AnalogsEnhancer v1.1 11/28/19 71 Download QR
How to use:

- Install the plugin under *KERNEL in your taiHen config file.
- Place the config.txt file in ux0:data/AnalogsEnhancer.
- Edit the config.txt file according to what you need.

config.txt structure:

config.txt has 4 values that can be edited:

Example of config.txt:

First 0 value is the deadzone for left analog.
Second parameter for left is either if you want to enable or disable software rescaling (can be y or n which stands for yes and no).
The same applies for right analog.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
AnalogsEnhancer v1.0 09/06/18 390 Download QR