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bstone-vita v0.2-vita by 01y
Last Release: Sep 25, 2018
Downloads: 409

Vita port of BStone. Allowing you to play Blake Stone natively on that handheld.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
bstone-0.2.vpk v0.2-vita 09/25/18 91 Download QR
* L is now "use"; -/= in the front
* Joystick sesitivity adjusted
* Performance improvement (>20%)
* HUD no longer drawn over in various circumstances
* Live Area assets tweaked, -ps shortcut added
* Heartbeat on by default
* Turning Background Music off recommended
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
bstone-0.1.1.vpk v0.1.1-vita 08/13/18 74 Download QR
bstone-0.1.vpk v0.1-vita 08/13/18 66 Download QR
bstone-0.0.1.vpk v0.0.1-vita 08/11/18 65 Download QR v0.0.1-vita 08/11/18 80 Download QR