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vitaSnake v1.5 by Grzybojad
Last Release: Apr 28, 2019
Downloads: 2102

A snake game with smooth rotation made for the PS Vita with LibVita2D.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vitaSnake.vpk v1.5 04/28/19 253 Download QR
This update should've been released a month or so ago, but better late than never, right?

- The snake no longer "gets scared" when playing Lazy Snake
- Added mode names to difficulty select menu
- Added stat tracking
- Remade the Game Over screen
- Added a credits screen
- Improved particles

Between this and the last update, I made another game for the Vita: ![Pingo]( Try it out if you haven't, it's an improvement in overall quality over vitaSnake in my opinion.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vitaSnake.vpk v1.4 02/20/19 129 Download QR
vitaSnake.vpk v1.3 01/17/19 151 Download QR
vitaSnake.vpk v1.2 01/02/19 127 Download QR
vitaSnake.vpk v1.1 12/31/18 104 Download QR
vitaSnake.vpk v1.0 11/04/18 166 Download QR
vitaSnake.vpk v0.7 08/23/18 160 Download QR
vitaSnake.vpk v0.6 08/21/18 177 Download QR
vitaSnake.vpk v0.5 08/17/18 160 Download QR
snake.vpk v0.4 08/09/18 132 Download QR
snake.vpk v0.3 08/03/18 109 Download QR
snake.vpk v0.2 08/02/18 125 Download QR
snake.vpk v0.11 08/01/18 133 Download QR
snake.vpk v0.1 07/31/18 125 Download QR