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PSVitaRebootShutdown v1.06 by McCallum99
Last Release: Mar 2, 2019
Downloads: 563

This is an app that reboots or shutsdown your PS Vita depending on what trigger you hold. Hold R to reboot, hold L to shutdown.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitaRebootShutdown.vpk v1.06 03/02/19 82 Download QR
This update changes the way the app looks before being launched. It also now has an "app version" and "parental control level" in the "properties" section when viewed in the livearea.

No major changes for the end user other than looking cooler!

Big update planned in the future.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
RebootShutdown.vpk v1.1 08/07/18 246 Download QR
VitaRebootShutdown.vpk v1.05 01/08/19 70 Download QR
VitaRebootShutdown.vpk v1.04 01/05/19 51 Download QR
VitaRebootShutdown.vpk v1.04 01/04/19 21 Download QR
VitaRebootShutdown.vpk v1.03 01/04/19 28 Download QR
RebootShutdown.vpk v1.0 08/07/18 65 Download QR