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PSVitaRebootShutdown v1.05 by McCallum99
Last Release: Jan 8, 2019
Downloads: 418

This is an app that reboots or shutsdown your PS Vita depending on what trigger you hold. Hold R to reboot, hold L to shutdown.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitaRebootShutdown.vpk v1.05 01/08/19 55 Download QR
This is an app that will reboot or shutdown your console dependent on what trigger you press. R to reboot, L to shutdown.

Big update here! The text is now much larger. This app can now also remove or update your database file - instructions in the app.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
RebootShutdown.vpk v1.1 08/07/18 234 Download QR
VitaRebootShutdown.vpk v1.04 01/05/19 41 Download QR
VitaRebootShutdown.vpk v1.04 01/04/19 11 Download QR
VitaRebootShutdown.vpk v1.03 01/04/19 21 Download QR
RebootShutdown.vpk v1.0 08/07/18 56 Download QR