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MiniVitaTV v0.3 by TheOfficialFloW
Last Release: Feb 23, 2019
Downloads: 1958

This plugin allows you to connect up to 4 DS3/DS4 controllers to your PS Vita, and play local multiplayer games, by using the exact same driver as on the PS TV. Yes, the PS Vita screen is rather small, but I think it's kinda cute to play on it with friends while travelling or so.
Note that this plugin is still in beta stage and more features will be added, like the ability to assign controller ports, etc. Basically every controller feature that the normal PS TV has will be included.
Only official DS3/DS4 controllers are currently supported!
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
ds3.skprx v0.3 02/23/19 113 Download QR
minivitatv.skprx v0.3 02/23/19 143 Download QR
- Fixed compatibility with h-encore 2.0.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
ds3.skprx vbeta 2 08/07/18 217 Download QR
MiniVitaTV vbeta 2 08/07/18 258 Download QR
ds3.skprx v0.2 07/25/18 274 Download QR
minivitatv.skprx v0.2 07/25/18 294 Download QR
minivitatv.suprx v0.2 07/25/18 226 Download QR
ds3.skprx v0.1 07/24/18 205 Download QR
minivitatv.skprx v0.1 07/24/18 223 Download QR