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vitaQuakeIII v1.0 by Rinnegatamante
Last Release: Jul 5, 2021
Downloads: 1864

Quake III: Arena and Quake III: Team Arena port for PSVITA.

Download: Data file

Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vitaQuakeIII v1.0 07/05/21 37 Download QR

vitaQuakeIII is a port of Quake 3: Arena and Quake 3: Team Arena based on ioquake3 engine.
It's still in current BETA stage so expect bugs and unstable framerate but as of now it's already enjoyable for playing.
I suggest NOT TO MESS UP with Setup menu since the release will have an already tweaked config file that should offer a good framerate without downgrading too much graphics. If you want to change some settings, edit q3config file inside baseq3 folder.

How to use lower resolutions:

To use lower resolutions to improve framerate more, edit in q3config file the r_mode parameter to:

0 = 480x272
1 = 640x368
2 = 720x408
3 = 960x544


DPad or Left Analog = Move character
Right Analog = Move Camera
L = Aim
R = Shoot
Cross = Jump
Square = Crouch
Circle = Use Item
Triangle = Change in use weapon
Start = Pause
Select = Show Score

How to use full game files:

To use full game files, you'll need data files updated to latest patch available.
Place pk3 files from baseq3 folder to ux0:data/ioq3/baseq3 folder for standard game and pk3 files from missionpack folder to ux0:data/ioq3/missionpack folder for Quake 3: Team Arena.

Known bugs/issues:

- Framerate is unstable, especially in Team Arena
- Quake III: Arena logo is not properly rendered in main menu
- Character model is not properly rendered in Setup submenus
- 3D Icons in the in game HUD get covered from walls sometimes and from player weapon
- Attempting to launch Team Arena in game from Quake III causes a crash (use the Livearea icon)
- Multiplayer currently doesn't work
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vitaQuakeIII v0.9.5 06/05/20 293 Download QR
vitaQuakeIII v0.9 01/12/20 266 Download QR
vitaQuakeIII v0.8 08/02/19 266 Download QR
vitaQuakeIII v0.7 03/23/19 341 Download QR
vitaQuakeIII v0.6 BETA 04/05/18 398 Download QR
vitaQuakeIII v0.5 BETA 03/22/18 248 Download QR