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rePatch reDux0 v3.0 by dots-tb
Last Release: Nov 18, 2018
Downloads: 3662

Kernel Plugin to make ux0:rePatch have the same functionality as ux0:patch
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
repatch.skprx v3.0 11/18/18 484 Download QR
* Compat pack compatibility [thanks to CelesteBlue and TheFlow (for 3.68 H-encore)]
* Manual (with additional pages) and Changeinfo Support
* No need for rePatch AIDS
* Support for "ux0:", "uma0:", "imc0:", "grw0:", "xmc0:" (Note: it will only load files from one device PER GAME, and this is the priority order. So if no ux0:rePatch/titleid, it will load uma0:rePatch/titleid. A ux0:rePatch/titleid will prevent uma0:rePatch/titleid)
* Now uses the Sony overlay system, you may now create files that don't exist in both patch and app, however, the game must support this.
* Mods such as SBXE ( now take less time to load (1:10 vs 1:16)

Addresses: #5 #10 #13 #15 #17 #18 #24 #28

Please note that while the crashes are fixed when using DLC in above games, decrypted DLC may not load. This does not prevent OFFICIAL or NoNpDRM DLC from loading.

Special thanks to: @AluProductions @froid_san @RealYoti and waterflame for extreme testing!
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
rePatch v2.71 07/25/18 594 Download QR
repatch.skprx v2.70 07/16/18 339 Download QR
repatch.skprx v2.69 04/20/18 436 Download QR
rePatch v2.68 04/11/18 385 Download QR
repatch.skprx v2.68 04/11/18 356 Download QR
rePatch reDux0 v1.0 03/25/18 370 Download QR
rePatch v0.4 03/14/18 344 Download QR
rePatch v0.3.1 03/14/18 333 Download QR