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vitaXash3D v3 by fgsfdsfgs
Last Release: Mar 9, 2018
Downloads: 64

A port of Xash3D-FWGS to the PSVita.
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vitaXash3D v3 03/09/18 37 Download QR
This is currently very broken and not user-friendly at all. Expect severe graphics glitches, crashes and gameplay oddities.

HLSDK is statically linked into the engine executable, so you can only use this with Half-Life right now.

Any other GoldSrc mod/game that has custom DLLs would require some modifications to be able to hardlink in the same way, I'll write a guide on that later.

Mod support for mods that don't have their own DLLs (e. g. USS Darkstar) is currently broken as well, but you can run custom Half-Life maps.

VitaSDK (in PATH and with VITASDK set);
Run make in this directory. This should produce a VPK.

Copy the valve directory from your Half-Life installation (preferably the Steam version) to ux0:/data/xash3d/ on your Vita. If you don't have access to a Half-Life installation, you can use the data files from the free demo version of HL, Half-Life Uplink.
Copy the build/data directory to ux0:/ on your Vita. Replace everything if asked.
Delete everything from valve/cl_dlls and valve/dlls.
Install the VPK obtained after building the port.
Run it.
Selecting the "Dev Mode" icon enables advanced logging and debug features, so use that for debugging. The log will be saved to ux0:/data/xash3d/engine.log.

Keep in mind that the game can hang for a long time when saving or autosaving (see issue #7), so don't kill it if it suddenly hangs when you enter a map or cross a checkpoint.

Uncle Mike & co for Xash3D and FWGS team for Xash3D-FWGS;
Vita SDK Team for the Vita SDK;
Rinnegatamante for vitaGL, vitaQuake/vitaQuakeII and general advice;
ArkSource for the Live Area stuff.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vitaXash3D v2 03/01/18 27 Download QR