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vitaXash3D v4 by fgsfdsfgs
Last Release: Mar 26, 2018
Downloads: 186

A port of Xash3D-FWGS to the PSVita.

Download: Data file

Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR v4 03/26/18 12 Download QR
vitaXash3D.vpk v4 03/26/18 8 Download QR
## Make sure you have followed the instructions correctly and read the [README]( before asking anything.

### Notable changes
* much more stable due to expanded memory mode and recent vitaGL changes;
* new launcher;
* support for more screen resolutions;
* slightly better performance;
* improved touch and analog controls;
* Counter-Strike support;
* bugfixes.

**WARNING:** This release is probably incompatible with savegames from Release 1, Release 2 and likely Release 3. If the game crashes after you die or when you load a save, delete your old saves.

### Important notes
* If you already had a previous release installed with the full version of Half-Life, redo only steps 2-4 from the list below.
* If you already had a previous release installed with Half-Life Uplink, remove the whole `xash3d` folder and reinstall everything from scratch. Make sure you re-download the Uplink archive.

### Installation guide
1. Copy the `valve` directory from your Half-Life installation (preferably the Steam version, but WON or stuff like Day One probably works as well) to `ux0:/data/xash3d/` on your Vita. If you don't have access to a Half-Life installation, you can use the data files from the free demo version of HL, Half-Life Uplink. In that case, just extract [this archive]( to `ux0:/` on your Vita.
2. Extract `` to `ux0:/` on your Vita. Replace everything if asked.
3. Install the VPK.
4. Run it. If you only have Uplink installed, **make sure** that you select `Half-Life Uplink` in the launcher.

### Mods supported out-of-the-box
`` for this release includes game libraries for the following games/mods:
* Half-Life (and HL: Uplink)
* Half-Life: Blue Shift
* Half-Life: Opposing Force
* Counter-Strike (client only)

To install a game/mod, copy its data folder (`bshift` for Blue Shift, `gearbox` for Opposing Force, `cstrike` for Counter-Strike) to `ux0:/data/xash3d/` **without replacing files**.

Any Half-Life mods that don't use custom code (no `cl_dlls` or `dlls` in the mod folder, e.g. USS Darkstar) are also supported. Most other mods that do have custom code (e.g. Team Fortress Classic) require porting of their game libraries to the Vita, however some work fine without their DLLs (They Hunger 1, CAGED, Afraid of Monsters).
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vitaXash3D v4 03/26/18 58 Download QR
vitaXash3D v3 03/09/18 63 Download QR
vitaXash3D v2 03/01/18 45 Download QR