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VitaBackup v1.10 beta fix by joel16
Last Release: Feb 10, 2018
Downloads: 63

A backup/restore tool for the PlayStation VITA/ PlayStation VITA TV. (Design created by Berion)
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VitaBackup v1.10 beta fix 02/10/18 24 Download QR
Thought I'd post this since I decided on getting back to this project. This was a project requested and designed by Berion, who wanted a developer to turn it into an actual program. I did accept to do it a long time ago, however with school and other projects I didn't have time to pick it up. However, I'm back and ready to get this thing started. So this utility aims to backup and restore VITA specific files (hardware ids, activation data, databases etc) on the go with a pretty nice GUI (designed by Berion). There's not really much to say for now but you can track my progress through GitHub.

Current Features:
Make multiple .tar backups
Restore multiple .tar backups
Select backup destination (ux0 or ur0)
Planned features:

Might support more formats as well.
Back up to FTP/USB.
more (later).

v1.10 beta
Completely re-structured the backup process:
This gives the user 100% flexibility on what they want to back up.
The user can decide on a name and path like so:
Modify the path.txt file in ur0:/data/VitaBackup/path.txt and add entries in the following format:



Do not put a forward slash at the end if it's a folder.

Prevent home button and auto-suspend during backup/restore process.
Only display scroll bar if we have more than 5 files.
Use the proper enter/cancel buttons depending on your device's region. (JP uses the "Cross" button to cancel items)
Backup archives have their timestamps separated by a '-'. (Example: some_file-2018-02-08.tar)
Added a light theme in options. (Thanks to Berion for the design)
Added minor touch controls in options and main menu.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitaBackup v1.10 beta 02/10/18 4 Download QR
VitaBackup v1.0 Beta 02/04/18 35 Download QR