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VitaBackup v2.00 by joel16
Last Release: Dec 31, 2018
Downloads: 693

A backup/restore tool for the PlayStation VITA/ PlayStation VITA TV. (Design created by Berion)
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitaBackup.vpk v2.00 12/31/18 61 Download QR
- Fixed bug with app.db not being backed up properly.
- Use sceIo instead of stdio for i/o handling.
- Display instructions in backup/restore screens.
- Removed light theme because it didn't fit well, and just took up a lot of space. (There is no longer a theme mode, because this is just a backup tool, we don't need that here.)
- Support files larger than 4GB.
- Add options to delete backup files from the restore menu. (Press **cross** to select files, then **square** to delete.)
- Add 11 levels of compression using miniz. (0 being no compression, which is generally recommended)
- Add more valuable data to initial backup list. (`ur0:/data/VitaBackup/path.txt`)

**If you'd like to support me, then feel free to buy me a coffee, I'd really appreciate it!**
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
VitaBackup v1.10 beta fix 02/10/18 149 Download QR
VitaBackup v1.10 beta 02/10/18 122 Download QR
VitaBackup.vpk v1.10 02/10/18 223 Download QR
VitaBackup v1.0 Beta 02/04/18 128 Download QR