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vitaQuake v4.1 by Rinnegatamante
Last Release: Mar 31, 2020
Downloads: 3566

vitaQuake is a port of Quake for PSVITA. It's based on glQuake but has several features from different source ports such as ProQuake and similars.

Download: Data file

Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vitaQuake v4.1 03/31/20 268 Download QR
vitaQuake data v4.1 03/31/20 214 Download QR
vitaQuake is a port of Quake for PSVITA. It started as a direct port of winQuake but now it' a lot more advanced than this last.
At the moment vitaQuake has unique features like dualshock rumbling when player get hit, an fps counter and an internal render rescaler. It supports also double analogs for comfortable gameplay, online and locale multiplayer with featured servers, soundtracks support, sounds support and a lot more stuffs

- Native 960x544 resolution!
- Hardware accelerated renderer
- Sound and Soundtrack support (READ BELOW FOR SOUNDTRACK USAGE)
- Support for shareware and full versions of Quake
- Support for mods
- Native support to both PSVITA analogs
- Unique features like dualshock rumbling, fps counter, ...
- Variable camera sensibility for right analog in option menu
- Touch and retrotouch support
- Danzeff keyboard for Quake console usage
- Different hidden settings unlocked in Options Menu (FOV, Depth of Field, Crosshair...)
- Multiplayer with support for both locale and online games with featured online servers
- Support for native Quake and ProQuake online servers

TODO List:
- Add gyroscope support

- Left Analog / Digital Pad = Move player
- Right Analog = Move camera
- O / X = Jump
- R Trigger / Square = Shoot
- Triangle = Change Weapon
- L Trigger = Run
- Touch = Show game status
- Retrotouch = Move camera
- Select = Enable Danzeff Keyboard in Console Menu for commands insertion

- Place the data folder in ux0:/

About Multiplayer:
Currently there is only one official vitaQuake server that uses only shareware maps and is a simple deatmatch with 16 slots. If you want to start a new server, please contact me.
If you want to join the multiplayer community, take a look here:

How to use soundtrack:
- Create a folder in ux0:/data/Quake/id1 and call it cdtracks
- Place the audio tracks renamed as track001, track0002, ... in ogg or mp3 format in this folder.

You can find complete soundtrack in ogg format here:
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vitaQuake v4.0 09/21/19 379 Download QR
vitaQuake v3.5 07/06/19 275 Download QR
vitaQuake v3.1 03/06/19 214 Download QR
vitaQuake v3.0 05/19/18 363 Download QR
vitaQuake v2.9 03/03/18 280 Download QR
vitaQuake v2.8 02/12/18 267 Download QR
vitaQuake v2.7 01/30/18 320 Download QR
vitaQuake v2.6 fix 01/25/18 276 Download QR
vitaQuake v2.6 01/25/18 278 Download QR
vitaQuake v2.5 01/20/18 342 Download QR