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ReNpDrm v5 beta by CelesteBlue
Last Release: Dec 29, 2017
Downloads: 1382

ReNpDrm is a kernel plugin for HENkaku/taiHEN-enabled PSVita/PSTV consoles by CelesteBlue

Download: restore.suprx

and ReNpDrm here
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
ReNpDrm v5 beta 12/29/17 650 Download QR
ReNpDrm constantly refreshes the system’s activation files so that it achieves its purpose of granting unrestricted access to PSN.This plugin will bring along the following:

Activation for unactivated consoles (or consoles that Sony rudely deactivated..) so that you can play your legally purchased digital games again!
Full access to PSN will be restored without the possibility of losing your activation files.
You will be able to purchase and download games from PSN again so you needn’t pirate games if you want to run them off your memory card! This is particularly great if you wish to benefit from the somewhat regular PSN sales!
Applications such as LiveTweet can also be downloaded so you can get access to the slim suite of smartphone-esque applications again!

Download both restore.suprx and renpdrm.skprx;
Copy these 2 files to ur0:tai/ (using FTP or USB or any way);
Open ux0:tai/config.txt if this file exists, or else ur0:tai/config.txt;
Under *ALL line, write : ur0:tai/restore.suprx
Under *KERNEL line, write : ur0:tai/renpdrm.skprx
Save the file
Reboot PSVita;
You can now use the PSStore and activate your PSVita from the Settings app under PlayStation Network.
If you have nonpdrm.skprx inside config.txt, try removing it then reboot PSVita.


fixed rif folder creation
fixed 0KB act.dat checking
found why some users had 0 KB act.dat
-> 2 things to do if you have some problems :
- if activation fails : go to and deactivate all devices
- if you have another problem, it should be fixed in new ver
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
ReNpDrm v3 beta 12/27/17 389 Download QR
ReNpDrm v1.0 beta 12/26/17 338 Download QR