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ScummVM v2.5.0 by ScummVM Team
Last Release: Oct 9, 2021
Downloads: 25164

ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the games, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed!
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ScummVM v2.5.0 10/09/21 44 Download QR
Twenty years ago today, on Tue Oct 9 16:30:12 2001, Ludvig Strigeus pushed the initial revision of the ScummVM code, which was version 0.0.1 of the project. Time flew quickly and, fast-forward to the present day, we are proudly releasing ScummVM 2.5.0 “Twenty years ago today…”

The list of changes is tremendous.

First of all, this is the first release that supports 2.5D games (almost 3D), thanks to the merger with ResidualVM. With this release we announce support for Grim Fandango, The Longest Journey and Myst 3: Exile. This is why we jumped straight to 2.5 in our versioning. Please note that only desktop platforms currently support these games and other platforms may or may not gain the support later depending on their capabilities.

In addition to these 3 games and engines, we officially support 10 more new engines and subengines that add compatibility with the following games:

Little Big Adventure
Red Comrades 1: Save the Galaxy
Red Comrades 2: For the Great Justice
Crimson Crown
Glulx interactive fiction games
Private Eye
AGS Games versions 2.5+
Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy
The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time
Crusader: No Remorse
Spaceship Warlock
We love localized game releases and multiple platform versions, thus with this release, we enhanced the support for Lure of the Temptress Konami release, Blue Force Spanish, Ringworld Spanish, Amazon: Guardians of Eden Spanish, Mystery House French, Russian translations of Sierra AGI games, Elvira 1 Japanese PC-98, Bargon Attack Russian, Woodruff Russian, Eye of the Beholder Japanese Sega-CD, Legend of Kyrandia Hebrew, Legend of Kyrandia 2 Hebrew, Legend of Kyrandia 3 Simplified Chinese, Inherit the Earth PC-98 Japanese, Gabriel Knight 1 Macintosh, Xeen Russian to name but a few. Notably, Macintosh b/w versions of Loom and Indy 3 are now also supported.

Besides the new games and game versions, ScummVM 2.5.0 brings many notable improvements and new features. We have completed a major rework of the GUI: We now support Unicode characters everywhere. The GUI also adapts to high resolutions used in HiDPI screens. The Nintendo DS port has been significantly rewritten. We added GOG and Steam achievements to a large number of Wintermute games and enabled KeyMapper in more games. Thanks to the work of one of our GSoC students, we have now added an option for text-to-speech to the games Sfinx, Soltys and The Griffon Legend.

You may find all of this goodness available to a number of platforms on our downloads page, or let the autoupdater kick in on Macintosh and Windows.

We wish you great adventuring, happy puzzle-solving and exciting journeys to RPG worlds, and hope to see you around in the coming years.

And by the way, is running a special promo tied to the release and our anniversary, where you can buy many ScummVM-supported games at a discount.
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ScummVM vnightly 12/15/19 323 Download QR
ScummVM vnightly 08/10/19 309 Download QR
ScummVM vnightly 07/06/19 346 Download QR
ScummVM vnightly 06/16/19 356 Download QR
ScummVM vnightly 06/01/19 321 Download QR
ScummVM vnightly 05/19/19 355 Download QR
ScummVM vNIGHTLY 05/11/19 324 Download QR
ScummVM vnightly 04/23/19 313 Download QR
ScummVM vnightly 04/18/19 425 Download QR
ScummVM (nightly build) vnightly 11/16/19 309 Download QR
scummvm_mod_1.13.vpk vita_1.13 12/01/17 377 Download QR
ScummVM v2.2.0 09/27/20 488 Download QR
ScummVM v2.1.1 01/31/20 553 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.9 01/24/18 395 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.9 01/24/18 431 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.9-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.9 01/24/18 379 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.9-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.9 01/24/18 370 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.8 01/24/18 399 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.8-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.8 01/24/18 396 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.7 01/23/18 374 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.7-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.7 01/23/18 442 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.6 01/22/18 396 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.6-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.6 01/22/18 431 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.4 01/05/18 393 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.30 03/20/19 323 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.3 01/04/18 360 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.29 03/15/19 284 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.28 07/15/18 351 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.28-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.28 07/15/18 340 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.27 06/15/18 342 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.27-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.27 06/15/18 317 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.26 06/15/18 249 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.26-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.26 06/15/18 258 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.25 04/14/18 290 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.25-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.25 04/14/18 258 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.24 04/05/18 324 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.24-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.24 04/05/18 295 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.23 03/29/18 310 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.23-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.23 03/29/18 378 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.22 03/28/18 318 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.22-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.22 03/28/18 361 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.21 03/24/18 372 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.21-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.21 03/24/18 290 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.20 03/20/18 346 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.20-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.20 03/20/18 342 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.2 01/03/18 336 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.19 03/19/18 365 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.19-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.19 03/19/18 308 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.18 02/13/18 371 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.18-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.18 02/13/18 390 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.17 02/08/18 349 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.17-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.17 02/08/18 376 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.16 01/31/18 390 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.16-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.16 01/31/18 356 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.15 01/29/18 353 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.15-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.15 01/29/18 387 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.14 01/29/18 374 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.14-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.14 01/29/18 319 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.13 01/29/18 388 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.13-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.13 01/29/18 313 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.12 01/28/18 332 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.12-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.12 01/28/18 346 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.11 01/25/18 384 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.11-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.11 01/25/18 322 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.10 01/25/18 322 Download QR
scummvm-2.1.0git-rsn8887.10-vita.vpk v2.1.0git-rsn8887.10 01/25/18 384 Download QR v2.1.0git-rsn8887.1 12/31/17 373 Download QR
ScummVM v2.1.0 Stable 10/13/19 454 Download QR
ScummVM (nightly build) v2.1.0 04/07/19 265 Download QR
ScummVM Vita v2.0.0 12/18/17 392 Download QR