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PSV VSH Menu v2.10 by joel16
Last Release: Mar 15, 2018
Downloads: 673

A VSH menu taiHEN plugin for the PS VITA.


Control CPU/GPU clock states separately.
Restore configured CPU/GPU clock states, once plugin has been started.
Battery percent display toggle.
VSH Menu colours for minimal customization.
Quick launch Settings or VitaShell.
Quick Reboot/Shutdown/Suspend device in game.
Recovery features: (You need PSV VSH Recovery for this)

Reload tai config.
Back up PSN activation files.
Rebuild/Update database.
Swap enter button (X / O)

Put "vsh.suprx" in "tai" folder in the root of your Vita memory card.

Edit config.txt in that directory to load plugin for title of your choice by adding new lines like below:

# titleid for your game (this one is for Root//Letter for example)
Then use L + R + START to open the VSH menu.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
kuio.skprx v2.10 03/15/18 144 Download QR
As of version 2.0 and above you will require a dependency plugin to be always enabled. (a modified (lighter) version of kuio.skprx is provided. Kuio was originally developed by Rinnegatamante) -- [Instructions are on the bottom of the](

- Fix colours causing force close due to index reaching out of bounds.
- Add option to keep battery display on after closing VSH menu.
- Fix quick launcher failure when running from a cart/psn game. (possibly fixed loading issues on certain games)

The button combo to open the VSH menu is: **L + R + START**

If you'd like to support me, then buy me a coffee, I'd really appreciate it! ****
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vsh.suprx v2.10 03/15/18 117 Download QR
kuio.skprx v1.20 03/13/18 61 Download QR
vsh.suprx v1.20 03/13/18 60 Download QR
vsh.suprx v1.10 11/18/17 196 Download QR
vsh.suprx v1.00 08/06/17 95 Download QR