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PSV-VSH-Menu Mod v1.420-2 by SHROOM
Last Release: Nov 17, 2017
Downloads: 834

A modification of the VSH Menu taiHEN plugin

to use this plugins simply add it under *ALL in the taihen config.txt


Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vsh.suprx v1.420-2 11/17/17 505 Download QR
This version changed the way you control the menu.

Use L+R+LEFT to open it in applications.

Pressing SQUARE will max out clock-speeds

Pressing CIRCLE will reduce them to save battery life

TRIANGLE will close the menu.

"Features" list;

* manually change cpu/gpu clocks

* switch to VitaShell/Adrenaline/OneMenu

* quick reboot

* standby/suspend

* restart vsh (will restart the current application and reload the vsh menu)

Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
vsh.suprx v1.420 11/14/17 326 Download QR