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ONEMenu for PSVita v3.00 by Team ONElua
Last Release: May 22, 2018
Downloads: 1316

OneMenu for PSVita is a simple to use UI which separates the installed games and apps into categories, Onemenu comes with a built in file explorer
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
ONEMenuVita.vpk v3.00 05/22/18 47 Download QR
### Changelog 3.00 ###
- Now the submenu in main screen have 2 pages (press triangle to open, and alternate pages with L and R), Same for submenu in Explorer.<br>
- Added the option to download and install ONEMenu themes to the main screen submenu.<br>
- Added the option "RELOAD Content" Allows to install games (NONPDRM) in ux0:app (Thanks the plugin Nonpdrm from TheFloW).<br>
- Added the option "Rip Game" to the main screen submenu, allows to free up some space by eliminating some game folders/files.<br>
- Optimized the code a litle.<br>
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
ONEMenuVita.vpk v2.05 03/11/18 165 Download QR
ONEMenuVita.vpk v2.04 02/10/18 117 Download QR
ONEMenuVita.vpk v2.03 12/18/17 180 Download QR
ONEMenuVita.vpk v2.02 12/06/17 136 Download QR
ONEMenuVita.vpk v2.01 11/28/17 166 Download QR
ONEMenuVita.vpk v2.00 11/27/17 122 Download QR
ONEMenuVita.vpk v1.01 11/18/17 123 Download QR
ONEMenuVita.vpk v1.00 11/13/17 253 Download QR