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MangaDownloader-Vita v2.1 by MyLegGuy
Last Release: Nov 16, 2017
Downloads: 256

MangaDownloader-Vita.Download manga straight to your PS Vita.

Supported sites:
How to use

It's moron-proof.

Select website.
Select manga series.
Select chapter.
Press "done."
Wait for download to finish.
Refer to the digital manual for more information. (Can be accessed from the LiveArea.)

Downloads are saved to ux0:data/LUAMANGAS/Manga/.


You may ask questions in the issues section. Make sure you check the manual first, though.
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
MangaDownloader_v2.1.vpk v2.1 11/16/17 118 Download QR
* Add experimental "Read" mode.
* Fix cover viewing
* Update manual
Name Version Released Hits DL Link QR
MangaDownloader_v2.vpk v2.0 11/06/17 82 Download QR
MangaDownloader_v1.vpk v1.0 10/07/17 57 Download QR